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Lightweight and comfortable ECG sensing module is permanently attached and continuously transmits sensing data to a mobile unit.

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TeleRescue System - Outsmarting Sudden Cardiac Death 

Our innovative (patented) solution consists of a lightweight and comfortable personal monitoring and defibrillation system.  Personal monitoring module sensing electrodes monitor the user’s heart continuously. When a life-threatening rhythm is detected, the device transmits the data to the mobile module.  

The system is comprised of 3 modules:

An ECG sensing module, that is permanently attached to the patient and continuously transmits the data to the mobile module. The uniqueness of this module is that it is lightweight, comfortable and suitable for an indefinite period of use.

The defibrillator module - the main module - that can be either attached to the patient or rest on the charging module - in standby for immediate attachment and activation. 


The module has additional voice communication features and automatic transmission of the location of the patient (to be used by follow-up team summoned to the patient).  

A charging and testing module which charges all batteries and tests the other 2 modules. The system operation is very flexible, taking into account the patient's risk level, his or her activity and whereabouts and the optional presence of an caregiver.

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